Committee to discuss Tokyo branding


Hiroko Koshino is chosen as a member of committee to discuss Tokyo branding.(http://www.metro.tokyo.jp/tosei/hodohappyo/press/2016/11/18/09.html
Today, the first meeting of the committee was held and the contents of the discussion became popular topics among media. Hiroko was interviewed in a popular program TBS "Asa-chan!” about uniform of the volunteer in Tokyo.
Please don’t forget to tune in.

Name : Asa-chan!
Date : Monday, 28th November,2016 (Hiroko's interview will be on air after 6:30am)
Stasion : TBS

2017 Spring & Summer Collection


HIROKO KOSHINO 2017 Spring & Summer Collection under the theme of ‘’BOUNDARY 〜 a challenge to the ordinary 〜’’ was shown on Thursday, October 20th, at Yebisu Garden Hall.
Unusually this time, the runway was made in a square shape. Starting with projection mapping, 72 looks inspired by Cubism and encapsulated the essence of HIROKO KOSHINO received extensive applause from the audience. Thank you very much for coming to our show!

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