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New items are in stores!

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KUKAN DESIGN AWARD and Sign Design Award


KUKAN DESIGN AWARD is one of the most prestigious design awardsin Japan established to pass on values of spatial design to the future. “HIROKO KOSHINO EX・VISION TO THE FUTURE” held at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Artduring April through June 2022 was awarded silver prize of KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2022.

It has also won bronze prize of Japan Sign Design Award2022, which was established in the 60s to promote improvement and dissemination of sign designs.
We thank all of you who came to see the exhibition despite the current situation. We hope to continue presenting you with exciting and impressing items and events. Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.
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Official Uniforms for Japanese Gymnastics National Team


Hiroko Koshino designed the new uniforms for the Japanese gymnasticsnational team for the 2022 season.The concept ofthe men’s uniform is “JAPAN” and “Flame”.“JAPAN” expresses clarity and integrity withletters that are designed in a linear and sharpmannerchargingat full speed to aim for the top.“Flame”expresses the fighting spirit andthe surge of passion that is enough to set the soul on fire, hidden behind theircalm expressions.

The concept ofthe women’s uniform is “Calligraphy” and “Flame”.“Calligraphy” features a geometric pattern adopting contemporary elements.
The contrast of red and black colors expresses graciousness, strength and beauty.“Flame” usingblue as the base color, is designed to portray lightness as a feather.The design was inspired by the athletes performing in a cool and graceful attitudewhilepowerfully burning inside with overwhelming energy.

4 types of uniforms designed by Hiroko Koshinowill be worn by the Japanese national team in the upcominginternational competitions.
Check outthe performanceof the Japanese national gymnastics teamalong withtheir new uniforms!



The three Koshino sisters appearingon “Matsuko in the Room”


Thethree Koshinosisterswill be appearing on the popular TV show “Matsuko in the Room” (NTV).In this episode, we willseethe three sisters enjoy “Kishiwada Danjiri Festival” (a festival held in their home town) each in their own unique ways.It has been a while since we last saw the three sisters appear on TV together. Don’t miss it!

Program: Matsuko in the Room

Date/Time: Sat. October 15, 2022 11 pm

Channel: NTVAvailable on TVer, NTV tada, and GYAO! for aweekafter the TV broadcast.

Appearance on “Shin Nippon no Geino” (NHK Educational TV)

“Shin Nippon no Geino” is a program which introduces traditional performing arts including Noh, Bunraku and Kabuki in an easy-to-understand manner. Hiroko Koshino will be making a guest appearance on “Miwaku no Persona Kamen no Kotengeino (Fascinating Persona Masked Traditional Performing Arts)” scheduled to air on October 7.In the studio, Hiroko is fascinated by the live “face-changing” performance by the Sichuan Opera. She also enjoyed videos from across the world featuring traditional performing artsusing masks,including Noh and Kabuki of Japan.Check it out.
Program: Shin Nippon no Geino
Date/Time: Fri. October 7, 2022 9:25 pm~
Rebroadcast: Thu. October 13, 2022 2:15 pm~
                               Fri. October 14, 2022 5:30 am~
Broadcasting Station: NHK Educational TV
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