LE VELVETS costume design


Hiroko Koshino has been designing some of the costumes for the vocal group LE VELVETS. New costumes are currently worn since the summer live tour. Koshino also designed their 10th anniversary pamphlet. Please enjoy the costumes along with the beautiful harmony of the four members.

Appearance on “Jinsei ga Kawaru Ippunkan no Fukaii Hanashi”


Thanks to the popularity of the first appearance, Hiroko Koshino will appear again on the TV program “Jinsei ga Kawaru Ippunkan no Fukaii Hanashi”. This time the program will focus on the Tokyo Collection and follow her behind the stage. In the studio, the guests will wear Hiroko Koshino’s latest collection. Please watch the program.
Program: Jinsei ga Kawaru Ippunkan no Fukaii Hanashi Nijikan Special
Date: Monday, December 3, 2018  9:00 pm – 10:54 pm
TV station: Nippon TV

2019 Spring-Summer Collection


Hiroko Koshino presented her 2019 Spring-Summer Collection at The Garden Hall in YEBISU GARDEN PLACE on Thursday, October 18. The theme was “Ever-changing”.
The collection was presented on a circle-shaped runway while the projection mapping was used in each scene to weave a story one after another. The 68 latest styles created with the concept of harmonizing the differences received a great applause from the audience that filled the venue. We would like to thank all the attendees.

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