KH Gallery Ginza Hiroko Koshino, The Source of Creative Inspiration


KH Gallery Ginza will host, “Hiroko Koshino, The Sources of Creative Inspiration” to introduce a multispectral view of the creations, life, and “Sumi Ink” of Koshino, who draws on the beauty of Japan as the source of her creative inspiration. The “Sumi Ink” series, which Koshino has worked on with her unique sensitivity since about 15 years ago, form the foundations of her creations. In between the Sumi ink and blank spaces lie the deeply rooted spirits of Japanese culture. From the powerful masterpieces of the early days to the recent works where gold, silver and Sumi ink overlap, the ever-transitioning artworks vividly capture the beauty of Japan sought by Koshino at each moment.
KH Gallery Ashiya, reconstructed from Koshino’s former residence designed by Tadao Ando, sits in a nature rich environment in Ashiya city of Hyogo prefecture. Longing to obtain a “physical experience and understanding of the four seasons of Japan”, Koshino spent some 30 years of her life in the natural setting. Koshino continues to tackle masterpieces at Semper, her nearby studio filled with natural light. For Koshino, life in Ashiya serves as the source of not only her creative inspiration, but also the aesthetic senses of the Japanese people which she seeks to pursue through her works.
Signature works including Sumi ink based art works and calligraphies will be on display in this exhibition under the concept of Koshino’s interpretation of “Japanese sensibilities.” KH Gallery Ginza will also explore a new form of presentation through its first-ever exhibition of slides showing Koshino’s lively production process, as well as Tadao Ando’s sketches and architectural scale models of Koshino’s residence in Ashiya. We invite you to come experience Koshino’s beloved atmosphere of Ashiya, the source of creative inspiration seeping through every corner of the gallery as if to transport visitors to the artist’s actual production environment.

Hiroko Koshino  WORK #1591

KH Gallery Ashiya – The Second Period Exhibition of 2016 “The Dreams of Mother Earth”


A heartwarming gentle painting for the deepening autumn. The theme for KH Gallery Ashiya’s second period exhibition of the year 2016 is “The Dreams of Mother Earth”.
The twinkling gold and red, the smooth, cloud-like white and the earthly materials of gypsum and cardboards; these are all symbols of vitality that are reminiscent of “Our Mother Earth”, as expressed in the paintings. Koshino’s magical works artfully orchestrated by a variety of materials have brought hope and dream to many of her appreciators. The inspirational paintings aim to encourage everyone to shine like the sun and to follow the unique path of their own lives.
This exhibition showcases dynamic, expressive artworks drawn with warm and neutral colors. Works including an oil painting inspired from the life of Aung San Suu Kyi, depicting a pair of praying hands, as well as a masterpiece resembling the colors and undulations of earth, embellish the otherwise monotonous gallery. What is noteworthy of this exhibition, is that KH Gallery Ashiya will, for the first time ever, exhibit fashion sketches and allow visitors to imagine the journey in which Koshino freely travels back and forth between the realms of painting and fashion. With the advent of a fruitful autumn approaching with winter just behind, we invite you to a cozy, warm atmosphere against the backdrop colored with the hues of the transitioning nature.

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Hiroko Koshino 《WORK #1478》 oil / canvas on board 2015

Hiroko Koshino 《WORK #386》 2007

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