Kobe Shimbun Article on KHG Exhibition


''Kazumi Kurigami × Hiroko Koshino'' exhibition starting from Saturday, May 21st, at KH Gallery Ginza was introduced in Kobe Shimbun.
In this exhibition, Kurigami and Koshino, both famous artists, reveal photographs and drawings produced by inspiring one another. Koshino says ''I always used many colors when I drew, but I tried to show monochrome world which was hard to convey in a photograph. Mr Kurigami gave me a chance to find new myself.’’


Kobe Shimbun ”Raising Grandchild”


Hiroko Koshino was interviewed on a hot topic ‘'raising grandchild’’ from Kobe Shimbun.
Though she cannot spend much time together with her grandchild, she tries to teach her clearly that important thing is to know good from bad whenever she has a chance to meet her. It is essential for her grandchild to be strongly tied with family members by love and tenderness, she says. Koshino wants her to be aware of her own happiness based on surrounding people’s supports.

Mainichi Shimbun column ”Sketch”


In 2013, Hiroko Koshino renovated former her private house built by Tadao Ando, worldwide architect, into KH Gallery Ashiya so that visitors can enjoy Koshino’s drawings in this renowned building.
Prior to the public open period, a special exhibition titled ‘'Resonance with the Light'’ was shown until Sunday, April 23rd, and it was introduced in Mainichi Shimbun. It was very interesting collaboration event of Koshino's drawings and works of ''circle side'', an artist group using ever more effective the light and sound.By synchronizing sounds with pictures, their works created the space just marvelous.

KH Gallery Ashiya started its regular operation from Friday, April 29th, and you can enjoy both Hiroko's drawing and Tadao Ando's architecture. Please come and visit Ashiya in this fresh green season!

KH Gallery Ashiya reservation form:http://www.kh-gallery.com/ashiya

WWD Tokyo Fashion Week Special Issue


Hiroko Koshino made an appearance in fashion industry journal WWD's TOKYO Fashion Week special issue, released on April 18th. ''Oshiete! Hiroko Sensei'' (Tell us Hiroko!), a popular serial article of the quarterly Fashion News magazine  moved to the weekly WWD from this issue under the same title. Its subtitle is ''a topical issue -How Hiroko thinks about the current topics-." In the column, she analyzes a wide range of current events from her point of view.
WWD is available in bookstores nationwide – don't forget to get your copy and enjoy reading it!

Yomiuri Shimbun column ”Happy Lunch”


''Happy Lunch'' is a popular column of Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka edition in which renowned people talk about special lunch for them. Grilled specialities beef at Restaurant Noro, located in Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Osaka Prefecture, is the one for Hiroko Koshino. Koshino opened her first boutique Couture Koshino Hiroko in 1964, and around that time she frequently visited the restaurant which is very memorable for her. The 68-year-old historical restaurant keeps its tastes unchanged and has been offering superior meals up to the present.

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