‘Sawako-no-Asa’ | TV Show


'Sawako-no-Asa' is a witty talk show hosted by Sawako Agawa – a brilliant conversationalist who talks about a variety of topics with a multitude of celebrities. Hiroko Koshino makes an appearance on the captivating show, where everyone falls for Ms. Agawa's suaveness – sometimes friendly while sometimes quick-witted! Koshino also talks about her favorite music as a child, her late mother, Ayako Koshino, as well as about her significant presence at the forefront of fashion.
Don’t forget to tune in and enjoy!

Name: 'Sawako-no-Asa'
Date: Saturday, 07th February, 2015; 07:30am – 08:00am.
Station: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television and Tokyo Broadcasting System Televition-owned 28 stations.


‘Yudoki’ | Informational TV Program


Fashion in Osaka is said to be very unique and gaudy.
Hiroko Koshino makes a comment on the difference between fashion in Osaka and elsewhere in Japan, on the informational TV Program, ‘Yudoki’, addressing ‘Fashion in Osaka: Rediscovering the Kansai Region’.
Don’t forget to tune in and enjoy!

Name: 'Yudoki'
Date: Friday, 06th February, 2015; 04:55pm-06:00pm.
Station: NHK


‘Himitsu-no-Kenmin Show’ | TV Show


Himitsu-no-Kenmin Show’ is a TV show that revolves around social and cultural customs and traditions specific to a chosen region. The region this time will be Osaka and as Hiroko Koshino was born and brought up in Kishiwada city, Osaka, she will be making an appearance on the same as a special guest.

Talking about a range of topics from economic status to the favourite meal of people from Osaka – sukiyaki – the show will bring to you a number of interesting, exciting topics over the course of two weeks so don’t forget to tune in and enjoy!

Name: ‘Himitsu-no-Kenmin Show'
Date: Thursday, 22nd January, 2015; 09:00pm – 09:54pm (Part I)
    Thursday, 29th January, 2015; 09:00pm – 09:54pm (Part II)
Station: Yomiuri Television, Nihon Television and Nihon Television-owned 28 stations.


Exhibition: ‘Hanshin Style from 1950 to 1970’ | KOBE FASHION MUSEUM


In 1964, Hiroko Koshino opened her first and own boutique, COUTURE KOSHINO HIROKO, in Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

The store quickly gained popularity amongst individuals well-informed about the latest fashion trend, and the stylised European interiors that were highly unique at the time took the entire experience to a completely different level.

With every request that came in, Koshino personally crafted each piece with utmost detail, dedication, care and respect, effortlessly satisfying every client’s needs.

There now comes a time where we have the chance to witness these incredibly precious haute couture creations made by Hiroko Koshino herself, at the ‘Hanshin* Style from 1950 to 1970’ exhibition at the KOBE FASHION MUSEUM.

Do make it a point to drop by, enjoy the exhibition and the one-of-a-kind creations personally created by the maestro herself!

Event: 'Hanshin Style from 1950 to 1970'
Date: Saturday, 17th January, 2015 – Tuesday, 07th April, 2015
Timings: 10.00am – 06.00pm (Last admission is 30mins before closing.)
Closures: Closed on Wednesdays(except Wednesday, 11th February, 2015) and Thursday, February 11th

*Osaka and Kobe region.


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