Publication of the book “HIROKO KOSHINO 〜 it is as it is〜”


Hiroko Koshino, 80 years old, published a memorial book to celebrate her 60th year as a designer. It features her collection looks from 1978 to 2017 and unpublished paintings.
Koshino Hiroko has been questioning the “true richness”.
She found the truly rich lifestyle by creating her own world of fashion and art in harmony with Japanese culture of clothing, food, housing, leisure, relaxation, knowledge and beauty, while flexibly adopting other cultures. Composed of seven chapters titled ''emptiness'', ''naturalness'', ''essentiality'', ''pairings'', ''cultivation'', ''play'' and ''form'', the book visualizes the philosophy of Hiroko Koshino brand and presents the “true richness” that Hiroko Koshino aims to bring about in her daily creations.
Featuring Mr. Ken Miki as the art director, and with forewords by Mr. Tadao Ando and Mr. Yutaka Mino, this book is the culmination of Hiroko Koshino who freely travels between the mode and art. It is available in bookstores across Japan. Please check it out.


2018 Spring & Summer Collection


We presented the 2018 Spring & Summer Collection under the theme of “Reverse:Rebirth” at Yebisu Garden Hall on Thursday, October 19.
“Reverse” represents the modern revival of past collections, and “Rebirth” the creations with motifs of dandelions and stars as symbols of the passing of time from the past, present to the future. The sixty-three looks embodied the essence of Hiroko Koshino and received great applause from the audience that filled the venue.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to all attendees.

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