Rerun of NHK morning drama series “Carnation”!


NHK TV drama series “Carnation” which took Japan by storm in autumn 2011 will be back on TV with the heroine Itoko!

“Carnation” is a drama inspired by Ayako, a pioneer of Japanese fashion field and the mother of three Koshino sisters.
It follows the main character Itoko living through the turbulent times of Taisho and Showa, when people’s fashion changed from Japanese to Western style, and bringing up alone her three daughters who would later become globally successful designers.

Itoko gave us energy and courage every morning, and many of you must have been waiting to feel such excitement again. Please check it out.

Broadcasting schedule: Every Monday-Friday, starting on Monday, April 9, 2018  4:20 pm – 4:50 pm (15-min. x 151 episodes in total, 2 episodes a day)

Broadcasting station: NHK General TV


Launch of the new brand “re: edition project 165”


The new brand “re: edition project 165” will present a capsule collection from spring/summer 2018.

“re: edition project 165” is a brand based on the archives of HIROKO KOSHINO.
Its sporty and comfortable clothes are created with HIROKO KOSHINO’s details and cutting techniques. In this debut season, we present 30 models with Nao Takekoshi, who has worked with prominent brands overseas, as the producer.

The press conference was recently held in Tokyo, with actress Mari Netsuki as a special guest. She fashionably wore items from “re: edition project 165”.

The pop-up store will open in Isetan Shinjuku Store from March 14 to 20, and in Hankyu Department Store Umeda Store from April 4 to 10. The permanent store will open inside HIROKO KOSHINO Ginza in May. Please pick up and take a look!


“SUMI NO TOKI” wins an international award!


“SUMI NOTOKI” by Nikko, the Western-style dinnerware manufacturer, won the first place in the License Collaboration category of the international competition “Tableware International Award of Excellence 2018”. Among 219 entries for 16 categories from over 100 companies around the world, Nikko was the only Japanese company that received the award.  

“SUMI NO TOKI” is a new collection of dinnerware combining Japanese and Western beauty, designed by Hiroko Koshino.
Created based on the Sumi ink work by Hiroko Koshino, it expresses Japanese sense of “space” in the blank space, using the energy and sharpness of the original work as well as the drip and flow of Sumi ink and paints.

The jury commented that the collection “appeals to modern consumers with its perfect shape and drawings by highly technical transfer paper. It is the result of the perfect collaboration between Nikko and Hiroko Koshino. Artistic, variable drawings will add a special touch to the dining scene and bring art and enjoyment to the modern-day home”.

“SUMI NO TOKI” series are available on Nikko’s online shop.
How about adding them to your tableware collection?


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