Announcement of Gymnastics Nippon National Uniform


On June 11, a press conference was held at the Ajinomoto National Training Center to announce the Gymnastics Nippon representative uniform.
Hiroko Koshino has designed representative uniforms since 2010.
She commented that she wanted the athletes to be able to perform well on the big stage in France and aimed to design their uniforms to fill the athletes with confidence so that they would give their performance with pride.
Furthermore, a video of the product-production process was shown by Mizuno Corporation, which is theofficial supplier.
It was a wonderful video showing that each piece is finished with many people involved.
You can view this video on the Mizuno website before the big stage.
Along with the achievements of the other athletes, please pay attention to the uniforms
that make them look stronger and more beautiful by wearing them.

Here is the Mizno website

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