NHK ETV “The Sunday Art Museum” Masterpiece Collection Broadcasting


Koshino Hiroko is going to appear in masterpiece collection series of NHK ETV’s “The Sunday Art Museum”.

This coming series in June is titled “Timed Exclusive! Masterpiece Collection- Japanese Painting”, which is a rearrangement of previous clips.

The program is going to cover 15 excellent Japanese painting, cautiously selected from the Jomon to Edo period. Every five of the works would be covered in episodes.

The second episode to be broadcasted on 14th June is about “Shorin-zu byobu (The Pine Tree Screen” by Hasegawa Tohaku, a masterpiece in Momoyama Era.

We are pleased to share with you all that Koshino Hiroko’s appearance in “Ardent! Talk of Masterpiece, Tohaku” will be on the show again.



Program: The Sunday Art Museum “Timed Exclusive! Masterpiece Collection- Japanese Painting II”

Date: Sunday 14th June 2020 9:00am – 9:45am

TV station: NHK ETV

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