Hiroko Koshino Exhibition Grand Opening


Hiroko Koshino Exhibition “EX・VISION TO THE FUTURE” is now opened.

This exhibition is constituted by 14 sections divided by onomatopoeia.

The first exhibit is “Fuwafuwa” (literally “fluffy” in Japanese).

Be welcomed by the 5.2m x 2.3m huge balloon of little Hiroko.

That is followed by the introduction of the exhibition, all happening at a photogenic space to indulge in the architecture of Tadao Ando.

So, what sort of space is waiting for you? Let’s climb up the stairs and see.

Stay tuned for the various events in the exhibition period.

We look forward to seeing you.


Exhibition Name- Hiroko Koshino Exhibition, EX・VISION TO THE FUTURE

Venue- Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

Date & Time- April 8th 2021 (Thu) – June 20th (Sun)

Official website-HERE


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