Benefit music CD “Symbiosis”


To participate in "Usuiso Ward Memorial Monument Contruction Fund,"’ intended for the great East Japan Earthquake’s bereaved families and local peoples cenotaph of the tragic incident, London based NPO Future Trust released a benefit music CD.
Hiroko Koshino joined this CD production movement as Executive Producer with special sentiment,  being acquainted with father of one girl who dreamt about being a fashion designer and tragically had lost her life, along with 100 lives taken by a big Tsunami which struck this area.
All the musical piece on the CD are original, offered by Japanese musicians from around the world, and performed by London based violin duo, Retorica.

Sales of this music CD will be donated to "Usuiso Ward Memorial Monument Contruction Fund."

Contact about this CD in Japan:
Fukushima Music Bonds Project Committee (Within / International Art and Design School)
Mail:  ad@nsg.gr.jp
Tel: 024-956-0040

Contact about this CD outside of Japan:
Future Trust
Mail: future@futuretrust.org
Tel: +44 (0)20 7328 6100
Fax :+44 (0)20 7624 6384
Website:  http://www.futuretrust.org/

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