Press Conference, ” Oka-chan ~ The story of Ayako Koshino ”


Thursday, September 11th, theater performance '' Oka-chan ~ The Story of Ayako Koshino '' press announcement was held at a hotel in Tokyo. This theater performance is based on the life of Ayako Koshino, model of NHK drama “Carnation” and the mother of famous Koshino three sisters. Panoply of performing actress Kumiko Akiyoshi, Sarara Tukifune, Mao Miyaji and Yuki Nakanishi, along with Hiroko Koshino and her sister Junko Koshino appreared on the stage as special guests.
Hiroko Koshino gave her comment, ''Carnation showed the best things about ''Oka-chan''(Koshino's mother), but I expect this stage to show her real life including good side as well as bad side about her.''
The stage will be held in Kishiwada-city, Osaka in November, in Roppongi, Tokyo in December.
Please enjoy the vivid life or Ayako Koshino’s life story at exclusive theater performance.

Sunday, November 2nd, at Kishiwada-city Namikiri Hall  
Contact : Kishiwada- city Namikiri Hall ticket counter 072-439-4915

Sunday, December 2nd~Sunday, December 7th, at Roppongi Blue Theater  
Contact : Aiesu 03-3355-3553

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