‘Sawako-no-Asa’ | TV Show


'Sawako-no-Asa' is a witty talk show hosted by Sawako Agawa – a brilliant conversationalist who talks about a variety of topics with a multitude of celebrities. Hiroko Koshino makes an appearance on the captivating show, where everyone falls for Ms. Agawa's suaveness – sometimes friendly while sometimes quick-witted! Koshino also talks about her favorite music as a child, her late mother, Ayako Koshino, as well as about her significant presence at the forefront of fashion.
Don’t forget to tune in and enjoy!

Name: 'Sawako-no-Asa'
Date: Saturday, 07th February, 2015; 07:30am – 08:00am.
Station: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television and Tokyo Broadcasting System Televition-owned 28 stations.


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