TV program : “Tenshoku DE Tenshoku 4”


It is very difficult to find one's calling…
"Tenshoku (changing jobs) DE Tenshoku (calling)" hosted by famous comedian Sanma Akashiya, is a special TV program introducing those who find their ideal jobs by making a career transition.
This program will feature photographer Mr. Tsukasa Nakagawa who takes photos of Hiroko Koshino for 'FASHION NEWS' magazine's popular article series entitled ''Oshiete, Hiroko-sensei!''(Tell us Hiriko!).
Hiroko talks about how wonderful he was as photographer during the interview. Don't forget to tune in and enjoy!

Name: 'Tenshoku DE Tenshoku 4' hosted by Sanma Akashiya
Date: Sunday, 03rd May, 2015; 07:00pm-09:54pm


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