Asaichi | Informative TV program


'Asaichi' is a poplar informative program broadcasted in the morning by NHK.  Every Thursday there is a segment entitled `JAPA-navi` in which the newscaster introduces  `Hot` places to visit, showing local and heartwarming lifestyles of that area.
The program will feature Ashiya-city, Hyogo prefecture where Hiroko Koshino lives.This is the first time to reveal Hiroko's private house, guest house and KH Gallery Ashiya which is Hiroko's previous private house designed  by Mr. Tadao Ando, renowned architect.You could touch  Hiroko's underlying design philosophy by watching her lifestyle in Ashiya. Don't forget to tune in and enjoy!

Name: 'Asaichi'  – JAPAnavi –
Date: Thursday, 4th June, 2015; 8:15am-9:54am
Station: NHK


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