KH Gallery Ginza 12th Exhibition Le Portrait Par Hiroko Koshino Aquirax Uno


KH Gallery Ginza presents a variety of artworks of Hiroko Koshino that match up with each season. Koshino is an artist who is active in a wide range of fields such as fashion, painting, and lifestyle products. The gallery also collaborates with creators from different fields who are close to Koshino.
Hiroko Koshino and Aquirax Uno are leading figures of respective fields: Koshino is a fashion designer; Uno, an illustrator. While their genre-straddling activities are gathering attention than ever, this exhibition consists of approximately 60 works featuring the two’s competitive collaboration under the theme of portrait. Hiroko Koshino mainly exhibits portraits of people in their traditional garments. Uno’s portraits include a series of portraits of globally renowned musicians along with original drawings of KABUKI actors’ posters. This is where the worlds of the two artists confront each other, wherein the people depicted in the portraits interact multidimensional. Come feel the excitement of the gallery space with its fresh representation.
I wonder how many years have passed since I encountered Uno’s works. His works pass through me like a pantomime. We’ve been attentive to each other’s activities for a long time. Now, having established our own stages, it’s time to examine quietly what we’ve built up through portraits. Having said this, I’m so excited to collaborate with Uno, who is such a great master. (Hiroko Koshino)
Although a fashion designer, Hiroko Koshino has the drawing skills of a real painter. The media and expressions of her art are varied, from ink painting to oil painting, or from abstract art to figurative art. This time, portrait has been chosen as a theme for our collaborative exhibition. At this exhibition, a series of my large portrait paintings are exhibited thanks to Mr. Teruo Iwata, a collector of my works. With this, I feel like I am finally ready to vie with Hiroko’s energetic works. (Aquirax Uno)

Friday, June 26 – Sunday, July 26, 2015
10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Open every day throughout the exhibition period


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