TV program : tv asahi ‘’Shokusai no Oukoku’’


Hiroko Koshino will make an appearance on the TV program ‘’Shokusai no Oukoku’’ (Kingdom of foods). The program explains the history of food ingredients, showing the passion of the creaters; farmers, fishers and nature.
This time, the theme is ‘’Sardines’’.  Since the Edo period Sensyu area sea has been famous for sardines. Kishiwada city where Hiroko Koshino was born and raised is in the Sensyu area. Her grandmother used to cook a special dish of simmered sardines.Hiroko Koshino will answer a variety of questions about her grandmother and other memorable dishes of her childhood.Don’t forget to tune in and enjoy!

Title : Shokusai no Oukoku
Date : Saturday, September 19th, 2015 ; 9:30am〜9:55
Station : tv asahi, tv asahi affiliated six stations


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