Yomiuri Shimbun “My 18 years old”


Hiroko Koshino was interviewed in the New Years’ serial article of Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka edition entitled “My 18 years old”.
Koshino talked about how important she had struggled for independence. She is sure that those experiences have great impact on her whole life.
She wanted to be a drawer from girlhood. Yet her mother, Ayako totally disagreed with her desire. Due to her suggestion, Koshino finally decided to go to dress making school. As it happens, lesson of “fashion drawing” opened her eyes. She was absorbed in because she realized that her passion for drawing is very useful for creating fashion.
It was the starting point as a fashion designer, Hiroko Koshino. It was when she was 18 years old. Since then, she devoted herself to persuade her career until today.
She had so many hardships, but she never gives up. She convinces that each of them have matured her. She cheers up the young, “Never give up! Proud yourself! There is the way with your mind”.

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