KH Gallery Ginza Kazi Ghiyasuddin × Hiroko Koshino TIME AND SPACE – The Density of Time –


KH Gallery Ginza will hold the exhibition, “Kazi Ghiyasuddin × Hiroko Koshino, TIME AND SPACE – The Density of Time –.” In pursuing abstract works that evokes the landscapes of Japan which are not mere imitations of western oil paintings, Koshino, who has hitherto produced myriads of artworks with her unique sensitivity, chanced upon Kazi’s drawings. Kazi is an energetic Bangladeshi artist who continues to produce drawings while travelling between his home country and Japan, where he has lived for some 40 years. Intellectual and abstract, Kazi’s drawings remind their audience of the landscapes and culture of Bangladesh, emanating a taste which almost resembles faith. Koshino found herself deeply relating to the spirituality of the artist devoted in drawing the things that he believes in. Likewise, Kazi had also been struck by the passion for drawing that he felt from Koshino’s masterpieces and had therefore been longing to work on a collaboration.
This exhibition will finally bring the two, distinctly independent but resonating worlds together. Kazi will showcase abstract paintings including his latest oil-painted masterpiece as well as watercolor paintings, while Koshino will present works that she had never showcased in Ginza, where her unique method of allowing non-calculated outcomes to come in to play. Beauty, according to Koshino, “transcends time and space.” Those words reflect the artist’s determination to pursue beauty that takes root in the native landscapes that she experienced herself, despite the backdrop of the chaotic confusion brought about by today’s modern society. KH Gallery Ginza invites you to come enjoy the intense artistic experience that is built upon the bond and trust which the two artists have nurtured over time.

Kazi Ghiyasuddin × Hiroko Koshino
TIME AND SPACE – The Density of Time –

Friday, November 4 – Sunday, December 18, 2016
10:30 am – 7:00 pm
Gallery closed on the Sundays of November 13, 27, and December 11.

Kazi Ghiyasuddin <<Sound of Rain>> Transparent watercolor on handmade paper, 2016

Hiroko Koshino <<WORK #1475>> Oil on canvas, 2015

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