KH Gallery Ashiya Special Exhibition from 2018 Exposition Hiroko Koshino Kira —Brilliance of the East and West— Kenji Etori x Hiroko Koshino


KH Gallery Ashiya will hold the special exhibition “Kenji Etori x Hiroko Koshino”. Etori’s three-dimensional plastic works are human figures molded and shaped from human bodies using wire nets. Their emerging surface creates a vague existence. Attracted by their light atmosphere, Koshino invited Etori for collaboration. Etori who creates human outline from flat wire nets with his hand, and Koshino who has been questioning human spiritual richness through clothes—works by these two artists pursue how the surface should be and depict the inner spirit and life. 
In the exhibition, the installation of Etori’s human figure modeled and clothed with a light cloth by Koshino will be displayed along with their individual works. Its creation process is just like the fashion scene where she would make clothes using hands in front of a model. Drapes, twists and volume created in the hands of Koshino cover the body softly and create liveliness, and summer sunlight that shines on the concrete walls produces a dramatic atmosphere. 
Please come enjoy the collaboration by the two artists who question the human body and spirit through art and fashion.

Sunday, June 24 – Friday, August 10, 2018
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Open by reservation, no reservation required for Sundays
Reservation: [Admission Reservation Form] in “ASHIYA GALLERY” page on our website
Closed: Every Wednesday; Friday, August 3; Saturday, August 4; other event days

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