KH Gallery Ginza Special Exhibition Hiroko Koshino—Homage to Junichi Nakahara


KH Gallery Ginza will hold an exhibition entitled “Special Exhibition: Hiroko Koshino—Homage to Junichi Nakahara”.
Junichi Nakahara worked on magazine covers and illustrations since 1930s and was known for his drawings of women with big eyes and sophisticated fashion. In the changing post-war times, he published magazines and style books and attracted the attention of many women with his diverse talents in illustrations, editing and design. Hiroko Koshino was also inspired greatly by his works in her impressionable years.
This exhibition will feature five precious paintings of Nakahara such as the cover of the magazine “Soleil” and originals of his style books. As homage to Nakahara, Koshino will draw various portraits of women with individuality on Washi papers using smudge, blurs and gradation of Sumi ink. The profile she draws with her signature is the symbol of strong women who cherish themselves.
Junichi Nakahara drew the beauty of elegant women from the pre-war to post-war eras, and Hiroko Koshino pays homage to this pioneer who pursued women’s rich lifestyle. Please enjoy the look of women who looked ahead of their time.
*Exhibited works will be partially changed during the exhibition period.

Tuesday, October 9 – Sunday, November 4, 2018
10:30 am – 19:00 pm *Until 18:00 pm on Thursday, October 18
Closed: Sunday, October 21 and Sunday, October 28

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