KH Gallery Ashiya Special Exhibition Dishes by Hiroko Koshino


KH Gallery Ashiya will hold the exhibition entitled “Dishes by Hiroko Koshino” to present dishes Koshino created during various encounters. Koshino met with her long-time artist friends in traditional pottery production areas and displayed her unique sense of forms and colors and painting methods. Under the eleventh Ohi Chozaemon, the Ohi pottery maker in Kanazawa, Koshino created a series of dishes cut out and formed from flat clay as if she was making clothes. She also collaborated with Susumu Notomi, the Hagi pottery maker, by drawing colorful line art on his blue dishes called “Aohagi”.
Moreover, Koshino developed her own products, designing the ink painting-based “Sumi-no-Toki” series in collaboration with the ceramic ware manufacturer Nikko Company in 2017. In summer 2018, she decorated the Echizen lacquerware, the traditional industry in Sabae, with gold and silver paints. Through these works, Koshino aims to incorporate art in everyday lives.
This exhibition will feature various dishes along with paintings to showcase Koshino’s free, unconventional spirit. Please enjoy the encounter between Japan’s traditional culture and senses of modernity.
The eleventh Ohi Chozaemon (Toshio Ohi) / Ohi pottery
Susumu Notomi / Hagi pottery
Echizen Lacquerware Cooperative / Echizen lacquerware
Nikko Company / Western-style dish “Sumi-no-Toki” series

Sunday, November 11, 2018 – Sunday, February 10, 2019 11:00 am. – 4:00 pm.
Closed: Wednesdays / Tuesday, December 25 – Saturday, January 12 / during other events
Open upon reservation: Please fill the Reservation Form on the “ASHIYA GALLERY” page on this website and make a reservation.
Reservation is not required on Sundays.

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