KH Gallery Ashiya The Pleiades – Resonating Artists –


Monday, January 20 – Sunday, March 29, 2020

Closed: Wednesdays / Tuesday, February 25 – Friday, February 28 / Tuesday, March 17 / Other event days

Closed when Hankyu Bus does not operate

Open upon reservation: Please fill the “Admission Reservation Form” on the website’s ASHIYA GALLERY page.

Reservation is not required on Sundays.


*Special display of Hina dolls

Saturday, February 29 – Sunday, March 29


KH Gallery Ashiya will hold the exhibition titled “The Pleiades – Resonating Artists –”. Hiroko Koshino has been meeting and interacting with artists of various genres. Through these interactions, Koshino gained many things that became inspirations for her creations, such as the essence taught by a person she calls her master, influences from unique styles of expression, and experiences of getting to know materials other than paintings. This exhibition will present Koshino’s works as well as those of the artists close to her. These works are owned by Koshino and show the ties between the artists. Please enjoy the light that the resonating stars create together, like the Pleiades shining in the winter night sky.

Kuniyoshi Kaneko  “Beast Tamer”  Oil painting / canvas

Hiroko Koshino  “WORK #386”  Style sketch




Aquirax Uno (illustrator)

Kazi Ghiyasuddin (painter)

Kuniyoshi Kaneko (painter)

Tadayoshi Nakabayashi (copperplate printmaker)

Susumu Notomi (ceramic artist)

Masao Hara (fashion drawing artist)

Appearance on NHK BS Premium “Gairoku”


Hiroko Koshino will appear as a commentator on the popular NHK BS Premium program “Gairoku”
which delivers the real voice of people through street interviews.
How did they face and overcome difficult or unexpected events in life?
Koshino commented on their ups and downs in life and talked about her own episodes
while watching the recorded interviews. Please check out the program.

Program: Gairoku
Date & time: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 11 p.m.
TV station: NHK BS Premium

LE VELVETS Costume Design


Hiroko Koshino designed new costumes for the vocal group LE VELVETS. The members are wearing these costumes during the concert tour to present their much anticipated new album “WORLD MUSICAL” that includes many famous musical songs.
Please check out their stylish outfits along with their wonderful harmony.

2020 Spring/Summer Collection


Hiroko Koshino presented the 2020 spring/summer collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, on Tuesday, October 15.
This season’s theme is “Play Around the Music.”

With the live performance by the pianist Yukio Yokoyama, Koshino presented 56 creations inspired by the silhouettes of musical instruments. The special runaway was installed close to the audience, which allowed them to see the detailed designs under the bright sunlight. Fashion and music harmonized during this artistic moment. We would like to thank all those who attended the show.

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