”Gift of Life’’ in Asahi Shimbun


''Gift of Life’’ in Asahi Shimbun

Hiroko Koshino was featured in Asahi Shimbun’s popular serial ''Gift of Life'’ that introduces lives of leading figures from various fields.
In this 10-part series, Koshino talked about herself; from the origin of her activities as a fashion designer to her passion as an artist as well.
The articles are available on Asahi Shimbun website below. (Free membership registration is required.)


2016 Autumn & Winter Collection


HIROKO KOSHINO 2016 Autumn & Winter Collection under the theme of ''Chaos'' was shown on Thursday, March 17th, at Yebisu Garden Hall.
Starting with a solo cello performance, 63 looks certainly made every audience feel chaos of Aisa, by make-ups, accessories, and hair styles as well, and received extensive applause from the audience.
Thank you very much for coming to our show!!

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