Ginza KURAMA-KAI is a recital group consisted of long established business owners of Ginza with artistic skill’s. Consequent to the opening of HIROKO KOSHINO’s flagship shop in Ginza last year, the designer joined Ginza KURAMA-KAI and appeared on stage of KURAMA-KAI’s recital held on Semtember 26th. A wide range of performances such as Kouta・Nagauta・Nougaku・Katobushi・Utazawa・Tokiwazu・Icchubushi・Kiyomoto were shown at the event which exposed GINZA owners deep attainment for traditional Japanese performing arts. Hiroko Koshino, whose stage name is Kineya Rokunobujyo, appeared as lead-off performer and presented Syamisen ''Sagimusume'', and received plaudits from large audience. Young Geisya in Shinbashi made a grand appearance in the middle of the event and it was a graceful moment for all of us spent with many guest who took delight in elegant pursuits.

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