Launch of“Hiroko Koshino Another One”collection


Designer Hiroko Koshino will be bringing the collection “Hiroko Koshino Another One” into the XANA Metaverse as wearable NFTs.

Hiroko Koshino’s original 3D designed fashion items converted into NFTs, will be made available at the NFT Marketplace “XANALIA” created by NOBORDER.z, allowing users to wear these wearable NFTs for their 3D avatars across the XANA Metaverse.

As a first step on the new path of collaboration, “Hiroko Koshino Another One” will feature 10 wearable looks and approximately 30 fashion items from its 2022 Spring/Summer Collection. This is set to release in April 2022, and pre-orders will be accepted. After May 2022, 3D products will be launched in conjunction with real products sold in physical stores. In addition to the releases combined with the biannual collection for spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons, the archive collections are planned to be developed as special items in the future.

Enjoy, as you wander through the exquisite Metaverse fashion experience with “Hiroko Koshino Another One”!

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