KH Gallery Ginza Kazumi Kurigami x Hiroko Koshino


KH Gallery Ginza presents the Kazumi Kurigami x Hiroko Koshino collaboration exhibit. Kurigami has paved the way for photographic expression, experimenting with everything from ad photography to graphic art and film. Tirelessly challenging the limits of photography, Kurigami communicates the beauty of reality through his works which depict the physical and emotional shifts of Kurigami himself. The all-new pieces displayed in this exhibition apply solarization, a technique that inverts photos’ color scales and gives one a glimpse of an alternate, surreal world. Alongside fashion design, Koshino has long pursued art through the form of painting. The unpredictable and fluid nature of oil painting especially arouses Koshino’s curiosity. For this exhibition, Koshino experiments with her new technique of inversing the tone of black oil strokes drawn on a blank canvas while allowing intentional moments of imbalance. The artworks emerging from the crossing of instinct and the flash of moment are in fact, a sheer reality occurring right in front of one's eyes. The innate beauty residing in the transience of such artwork, Koshino believes, is a sensuality shared by the beauty of charcoal and blank space or photography.
Kurigami's photos and Koshino's paintings will be housed inside a large room with high ceilings and no extra decorations to allow viewers to sharpen their senses and explore the true nature of the two-dimensional stoically designed pieces. Let the pieces capturing the gaze of the two artists take over your senses as your imagination wisps you away to a world spreading endlessly with beauty.

Kazumi Kurigami <<”Love Story Beginning From Solitude” Series –Man, Woman, and TV->>
Photograph: solarization, inkjet print

Hiroko Koshino《#1578》oil painting/ canvas

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