KH Gallery Ginza Tsurutaro Kataoka x Hiroko Koshino × Tsunahisa Ogino -All Things in Nature-


KH Gallery Ginza will host, "Tsurutaro Kataoka, Hiroko Koshino, and Tsunahisa Ogino –The Universe-". While known for his career as an actor who gained popularity through variety shows, Kataoka has also taken painting as a serious part of his life. His artworks display his ability to capture the world from a perspective developed from his broad background. In particular, paintings conveying the warmth with which Kataoka views nature, along with the richness of color, are beloved by people of all ages. Fashion designer Koshino is also a painter who brings her sense of beauty to work in her paintings. For her, the natural progression of the four seasons is the source of all creativity. The vitality of nature is one of the themes she has addressed, and will continue to address throughout her life. Produced from the two painters with a borderless profession, Kataoka and Koshino’s works balance diverseness with a confidence in identity. This exhibition will also be the celebrated first unveiling of Tsunahisa Ogino's works. Launching his career as a professional painter at the recommendation of his father, Kataoka, Ogino has been branching out his means of expression from music to painting. The symbolic world of fantasy continues to develop with a synergistic mix of music and art.
This exhibition brings the worldviews of three boundaryless artists under one roof. Kataoka will display unreleased works while Koshino picks up pieces mostly from her new series, and Ogino, the long-awaited collection of works that he had stocked up. We invite you to come explore the grand story developed around the theme, “The Universe,” where genuine quality produced by established artists Kataoka and Koshino is accented with the fresh, youthful sensibilities of Ogino.

Friday, June 17, – Monday, July 18, 2016
Open every day throughout the exhibition period.


Tsurutaro Kataoka  《Iridescent Clouds》 116.7 × 80.3 cm

Hiroko Koshino 《WORK #1188》 120×120cm

Tsunahisa Ogino 《KING》 116.7 × 91 cm

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