KH Gallery Ashiya 2018 Exhibition Hiroko Koshino Kira — Brilliance of the East and West —


At KH Gallery Ashiya in 2018, you can see an exhibition titled "Hiroko Koshino Kira — Brilliance of the East and West —," a shimmering world of fusion between the East and West, focusing on a collection of works and paintings by Hiroko Koshino. Koshino strives to create new beauty by bringing modernity to Japanese traditional culture, based on her experience spreading unique fashion from Japan to the world. This attitude is common to both her art and her fashion.()
The "ki" in "Kira" refers to twill weave, while the "ra" means thin-weave silk fabric. The word represents beautiful clothing and the people who wear it. The installation of ornately colored paintings and clothing is reminiscent of a gathering of elegant people. Enjoy the seasonal atmosphere throughout the transition from winter to spring and on to summer.()
* Hina dolls will be exhibited in the Japanese-style room until Saturday, April 14.

Open by reservation: Please apply by providing the required information on the Reservation Request Form__on the ASHIYA GALLERY page. Please note that reservations are not required on Sundays. (Closed April 15.)

Monday, February 19 – Friday, August 10, 2018
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Closed: Wednesdays; Sunday, April 15; Monday, April 16; and during exhibition changeover

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