Performance at the 13th Kinetsukikai National Convention


The 13th Kinetsukikai National Convention was held at Kyoto Minamiza Theater on Tue. June 27th and Wed. June 28th. Hiroko Koshino is an accredited Nagauta performer who received the name of Kineya Katsuroku-jo. On the 28th, she performed “Funa Benkei” before the Kinekatsukai’s traditional Nagauta medley

She has been working on the artwork of the program cover as well as the stage background in recent years and has been acquiring a favorable reputation. At this
year’s convention,

she received the “performance award” for her outstanding contribution. Being familiar with Nagauta since her childhood, she has been committed to practicing while attending to her main business. She hopes to continue carrying on the tradition and contribute to the popularization and development of Nagauta.




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