2015-16 Autumn Winter Collection


HIROKO KOSHINO 2015-16 Autumn Winter Collection under the theme of ''Deep into the Forest'' was shown on Thursday, March 19th, at Yebisu Garden Hall.
Models wearing characteristic animal-like ears appeared one after another from the screen of trees and walked into a hazy catwalk. With nice and cute rounded form, wild hair and makeup that suggest animals, the designer exhibited 69 works and received extensive applause from the audience.
Thank you very much for coming to our show.

2015 Spring Summer Collection


2015 Spring Summer Collection was held on Tuesday, October 14th at Yebisu Garden Hall.
Ancient Greece pillars appeared in front of audience. Surrounded by blue and white as if you were at Santorini Island, models walked down slowly behind the scrim and to the catwalk. With the theme of the show being ''Wandering, Time,'' the whole collection was shown at an ancient Grecian Temple like atmosphere.
The collection received great applause from full audience. Thank you very much for coming to our show.

2014-15 Autumn Winter Houte-Couture Collection


On May 22nd and 23rd, HIROKO KOSHINO 2014-15 Autumn Winter Houte-Couture Collection was shown at the Westin Hotel Tokyo. This is an occasion for our customers to try on couture samples before putting their orders. The haute- couture show is scheduled in Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and at HIROKO KOSHINO Ginza boutique as well in June.

2014-15 Autumn Winter Collection


HIROKO KOSHINO 2014-2015 Autumn Winter Collection with the theme "La Femme Extravagante," was
shown on Thursday, March 19th at Yebisu Garden Hall.

The collection, invoked additional free spirit for glamorous women with sophistication, an EXTRAVAGANT
style as true to the theme, received extensive appaluse from full audience.
We thank you for coming to our show.

Benefit music CD “Symbiosis”


To participate in "Usuiso Ward Memorial Monument Contruction Fund,"’ intended for the great East Japan Earthquake’s bereaved families and local peoples cenotaph of the tragic incident, London based NPO Future Trust released a benefit music CD.
Hiroko Koshino joined this CD production movement as Executive Producer with special sentiment,  being acquainted with father of one girl who dreamt about being a fashion designer and tragically had lost her life, along with 100 lives taken by a big Tsunami which struck this area.
All the musical piece on the CD are original, offered by Japanese musicians from around the world, and performed by London based violin duo, Retorica.

Sales of this music CD will be donated to "Usuiso Ward Memorial Monument Contruction Fund."

Contact about this CD in Japan:
Fukushima Music Bonds Project Committee (Within / International Art and Design School)
Mail:  ad@nsg.gr.jp
Tel: 024-956-0040

Contact about this CD outside of Japan:
Future Trust
Mail: future@futuretrust.org
Tel: +44 (0)20 7328 6100
Fax :+44 (0)20 7624 6384
Website:  http://www.futuretrust.org/

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