Hiroko Koshino appeared in the cover story of a human documentary journal Fashion Creator’s Magazine (vol.9), which features people who work in fashion industry as a designer, pattern maker, merchandiser and PR. Successfully achieved her career as a fashion designer in almost 60 years, Koshino has been embracing the belief of adhering her style—the style based on the aesthetics nurtured  since childhood and with extreme Japanese beauty as her advantage.
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”Japan Premium”


Hiroko Koshino was interviewed in the cover story of Chinese quarterly magazine Japan Premium (日本自游行).
In this edition, the journal put a big focus on Hiroko Koshino as an artist. The article covered a broad range of topics such as the motive for artist activity, unique style created by her sense of beauty, and describing the effect of art on fashion. Fashion designer's work is to create new waves every single year. Same as drawing, it is very important to have your own firm style in order to create new things that meets the needs of the times.

”Gift of Life’’ in Asahi Shimbun


Hiroko Koshino was featured in Asahi Shimbun’s popular serial ''Gift of Life'’ that introduces lives of leading figures from various fields.
In this 10-part series, Koshino talked about herself; from the origin of her activities as a fashion designer to her passion as an artist as well.
The articles are available on Asahi Shimbun website below. (Free membership registration is required.)


“MODERN LIVING” no.225 (MARCH 2016)


"Modern Living" no.225 (February 5th issue) features “Luxurious Residences 2016".
In this issue Koshino’s former residence was introduced in the special article "Tadao Ando’s great masterpiece”.
His design concept obviously lies in this 30-plus-years old building: his famous architectures Church of the Light and Chichu Art Museum actually have their origins in this creation.
Through some renovations during more than three decades, Koshino’s residence is now opening to the public as KH Gallery Ashiya (on reservation basis) where you can appreciate Koshino’s various arts, and is continuing to fascinate more people who are interested in fashion, art, architecture, and her lifestyle.
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