Golf Digest ‘’Choice”


Hiroko Koshino was featured in the special article entitled ‘’person I would like to play with again’’ in the quarterly magazine Golf Digest ‘’Choice’’. Koshino would like to play again with adventurer, Mr Yuichiro Miura. She cherished a memory that playing golf with him is full of fun. He has great sportsmanship and adds a wise generosity to the group.
Released from October 1st Thursday at nationwide bookstores in Japan.

Cover story in Chinese Quarterly magazine ‘’Japan Premium’’


Hiroko Koshino was interviewed for the cover story in Chinese Quarterly magazine ‘’Japan Premium’'(日本自游行).
In 1984, Hiroko Koshino become the first Japanese designer to showcase a collection at the Jing Jiang Club in Shanghai, China. HIROKO KOSHINO Paris Collection was acclaimed as a masterpiece, and at that time the collection was embellished with embroidery made in China. Koshino thought the people of China should know the embroidery skills they possess are of world class standard, and the techniques inherited from generation to generation should be cherished.
Chinese people have an exclusive beauty, different to that of the Japanese, and in order to let their exquisite beauty shine Koshino says it is also important to add little spice by having a unique lifestyle and to understand what suits you as an individual.

‘The Approaches of the Top 2%’


〜How long will you keep being suppressed by your peers?〜

Mr. Toshiya Kosugi The former Head of Human Resources at McKinsey & Company, Apple Inc. has written a book called ‘The Approaches of the Top 2%’. Hiroko Koshino is praised  in the book for continually excelling in the highest rank. Mr. Kosugi discovers traits common to high-rankers such as curiosity, enthusiasm, studious and a desire to keep learning.The book is available in bookstores nationwide – don't forget to get your copy and enjoy reading it!

Title : The Approaches of the Top 2%
Publisher : WANI BOOKS
Price : 1,400yen + tax


‘BI-ST’ August issue 〜message for the beautiful 40’s〜


‘BI-ST’  is a magazine which created a word ‘Bimajyo’(Beautiful wise woman) this captured everyone’s hearts.
Hiroko Koshino was interviewed for a cover story entitled ‘message for the beautiful 40’s’ in the latest issue.
She talked about work, love and raising children when she was in her 40’s.
By saying that ‘People who make an effort  in order to realize one’s ideal are really happy. In order to have no regrets we should continue to keep trying everyday.' Koshino also sends a hearty cheers to those in their 40’s‘


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