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The Mainichi Newspaper will run a daily column between the 01st and 20th of February 2014, titled ‘Old and New’, to mark the 50,000th issue of the newspaper since the Meiji period in 1873.

Hiroko Koshino appears in the article of Tuesday, 10th February 2014, talking about her significant works across the creative realm, motivations for new challenges, the ideal newspaper and so on and so forth.

Don’t forget to get your copy and enjoy the article!


WWD JAPAN vol. 1786 & vol. 1787


Some 300 distinguished guests gathered for Hiroko Koshino’s celebration of 77th Birthday party event, held in Kyoto, on 17th of January  2014.
‘EDITOR'S VIEW’ article of WWD JAPAN 1786 issue covered this event, along with fashion designer Hanae Mori’s costume design for opera ‘Yutsu-ru’
opening party, praising the going power and high spirit of forefront designers.

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