Yomiuri Shimbun “My 18 years old”


Hiroko Koshino was interviewed in the New Years’ serial article of Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka edition entitled “My 18 years old”.
Koshino talked about how important she had struggled for independence. She is sure that those experiences have great impact on her whole life.
She wanted to be a drawer from girlhood. Yet her mother, Ayako totally disagreed with her desire. Due to her suggestion, Koshino finally decided to go to dress making school. As it happens, lesson of “fashion drawing” opened her eyes. She was absorbed in because she realized that her passion for drawing is very useful for creating fashion.
It was the starting point as a fashion designer, Hiroko Koshino. It was when she was 18 years old. Since then, she devoted herself to persuade her career until today.
She had so many hardships, but she never gives up. She convinces that each of them have matured her. She cheers up the young, “Never give up! Proud yourself! There is the way with your mind”.

Asahi Shinbun ‘’Family Portrait’’


Hiroko Koshino was interviewed for a popular serial article titled ‘’Family Portrait’’ in Asahi Shinbun Newspaper, on Friday, November 19th.
She talked about ‘’Birdie’’, her favorite pet dog that greets Hiroko joyously whenever she comes home. He is eight years old, black labrador retriever. After a rambunctious childhood, he behaves like a gentleman and provides an energy source for her.

WWD Article ‘’Le Portrait Par Hiroko Koshino Aquirax Uno’’


 KH Gallery Ginza 12th Exhibition was introduced in the popular series named FASHION PATROL in the famous WWD journal. Mr. Aquirax Uno and Hiroko Koshino are both contemporary artists in Japan, and their works attracts such a large audience that the opening reception cocktail party was shoulder – to shoulder! Koshino mainly exhibits abstract drawing, it is very rare for her to draw figure painting such a thse feature in this current exhibition. The exhibition will be held untill Sunday, July 26th. Please drop by and enjoy if you are in the area.

‘’Le Portrait Par Hiroko Koshino Aquirax Uno’'
Friday, June 26 – Sunday, July 26, 2015
10:30am – 7:00pm
Open everyday throughout the exhibition period


Yomiuri Shimbun Article on Japanese Traditional Puppet Play


Yomiuri Shimbun Kansai edition started running a  serial article titled "Eeyan! Kansai" (Nice! Kansai region) featuring Japanese traditional puppet play "bunraku" from Monday, March 30th. Hiroko Koshino stated the importance of cultivating and enriching humanity by seeing real traditions and stimulating one's right side of the brain from childhood. "Bunraku" puppet play is one of her personal recommendations for children to educate and broaden their future abilities.

Asahi Newspaper | Uniforms of the Senior High School Baseball Championship Tournament


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Senior High School Baseball Championship Tournament – people are always highly impressed by the students’ profound performances year after year.

In 1998, Hiroko Koshino commented on the students’ baseball uniform, calling them “unique and exclusive in colour”, in a column in the Asahi Newspaper titled ‘Restructuring, If It Were Me’.

Many years later again, today, she presents her opinions from a point of view as a fashion designer.

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