Human Rights Watch fund-raising dinner


Human Rights Watch(HRW) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization.
Established in 1978, Human Rights Watch has been promoting human rights and justice around the world for three decades and counting. HRW annual fund-raising dinner is one of the biggest events of the NGO`s in Japan where many guests enjoy  charity auctions to get precious and unique items.
Since last year, Hiroko Koshino has been donating her paintings to the charity auction in order to support HRW activity and she will continue to support HRW in the future as well.


TV program : “Tenshoku DE Tenshoku 4”


It is very difficult to find one's calling…
"Tenshoku (changing jobs) DE Tenshoku (calling)" hosted by famous comedian Sanma Akashiya, is a special TV program introducing those who find their ideal jobs by making a career transition.
This program will feature photographer Mr. Tsukasa Nakagawa who takes photos of Hiroko Koshino for 'FASHION NEWS' magazine's popular article series entitled ''Oshiete, Hiroko-sensei!''(Tell us Hiriko!).
Hiroko talks about how wonderful he was as photographer during the interview. Don't forget to tune in and enjoy!

Name: 'Tenshoku DE Tenshoku 4' hosted by Sanma Akashiya
Date: Sunday, 03rd May, 2015; 07:00pm-09:54pm


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